Guénolé de Bouvoir

Axel Crieger’s version of transformative art is as irritating and disturbing as it is fabulous.
His iconic black and white pieces have found empty nails across the globe and are revered by collectors.
VOGUE: "Worldclass - things of which we never knew that we always wanted to have them."

“Arles 1884” Vincent van Gogh walking through an olive grove near Arles brandishing his gun and
rosary. His face is constructed of single parts mimiking his famous self portrait.
“Bimini” a Marlin dragged onto the surface of the ocean near Bimini by a distant Ernest Hemingway
celebrating the power of nature in “Islands In The Stream”.
“Cuernica” a coinage variegating Picasso’s “Guernica” based on “Cuernos” - Horns which Picasso
considered the symbol of fascism.
“Transparent Transcendence" where the Dalai Lama's Eastern reflection melts into the skyline
of Western Avalon.
“1962” The Kennedy brothers sunken in contemplation in face of the Cuba crisis.
The bible and a box of Cuban cigars on the table.

Brilliant works full of knowledge, cultural references and irony.
WALLPAPER, London: "Probably the perfect embodiment - Axel Crieger's genre - spanning prints."

Genre Gènes

The new digitally induced fusion of artistic faculties fine art, fashion, design, film and music has
generated a transcendation of genre boundaries.
The new pieces are a fulminant answer to this burst of fusion. A new visual language sends
contemporary messages distilled into single images in an unique and unapologetic new style.
With iconic results.


Axel Crieger

“Axel Crieger’s depiction of Jealousy is as glamorous as it is sombre. Amazing texture and colours
shine through the dark undertones of this extremely limited edition work of art. The scene is set
by shimmering light and this is a piece of art that will do just that on the wall. There are subtle
details amongst the gold that it may take you some time to appreciate every single inch
- a truly timeless piece.”
PHOTO MAGAZINE, Paris:" Un univers parallèle."

“La Belle Au Bois Dormant”

Axel Crieger

“The sleeping beauty by Axel Crieger is immersed in golden encroachments of power in a
stunning work of art, oscillating between devotion and violence. The alluring shimmer of
fairytale enhances the dilemma - a masterpiece.”
RIZZOLI, New York: " Witness a new genius at work."


Axel Crieger

“A smug Johnny Depp flaunts his physical philosophy “My body is my journal and my
tattoos are my story”. The image with actor Johnny Depp standing in the forefront
is situated in a baroque room dominated by a massive crystal chandelier. Yet the
actor seems to be a random, unimportant part of the work.
ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, New York:"Grammar of Glamour."

“Tribute to Alexander McQueen”

Axel Crieger

A surreal scene in a Venitian palace captures the genius of Alexander McQueen.This oversized
work of art dives deap into the phantastic world of McQueen's fashion design, emblazes it with
rich details and a depiction of the amused creator lingering in the background.
A truly magnificent and precious hommage to the late artist.
ELLE: "Never seen moments."

“Parkland OD'd.”

Axel Crieger

Prey and Pray


Axel Crieger



Axel Crieger

Pay to Prey

“Venus De Milo”

Axel Crieger


There is a sophisticated, elegant style and reflectiveness in Axel Crieger's work. Strikingly now and yet timeless.