“ The digital images by artist Axel Crieger will attract anybody’s attention.
They are timeless, modern, depict celebrities in dreamlike settings and luxury products giving them
a highly originally and uncompromising new look.”

Luxury Living

“Worldclass - Things of which we never knew that we always wanted to have them."


“AXEL CRIEGER is a worldwide known artist, Designer and Photographer.
His Digital Paintings have a rich and profound pictorial space,
that invites the viewer into it and makes him/her a silent participant of the story."
Anna Bondarenko

“Witness a new genius at work."



Entertainment Weekly New York

"Axel Crieger’s version of transformative art is as irritating and disturbing as it is fabulous.
His iconic pieces are revered by collectors around the world."

Guénolé de Bouvoir

“Axel Crieger’s luxurious images are magical and transport you to a world of dreams where real life takes on new dimensions.
The images are mysterious and the very thoughtfully selected palette gives them a dramatic feel.”

Eva Ledecka

"Axel Crieger’s depiction of jealousy is as glamorous as it is sombre.
Amazing textures and colours shine through the dark undertones of this extremely limited edition work of art.
The scene is set by the shimmering light and this is a piece of art that will do just that on the wall.
There are subtle details amongst the gold that it may take you some time to appreciate every single inch- a truly timeless piece."

Paris Design Week